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Castle Dome Turquoise
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Blue Castle Dome TurquoiseCastle Dome Turquoise Beads
Fascinating History of the Castle Dome Mine

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The Castle Dome turquoise mine, located approximately 30 miles from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, has been closed since 1979 after the turquoise deposits were exhausted in that location. If you visit the Castle Dome site today, you will find a touristy little ghost town. Actual mining operations have been closed for over 30 years.

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Item# CD571
Blue Castle Dome
Turquoise Nuggets

Approx. 5-6 mm 
16" temporary string
Price: $69.95 per strand


Blue Turquoise Beads
Blue Castle Dome Turquoise Beads

Item# CDRO
Bright Blue/Green Castle Dome Flat Nugget Beads - Rough 
8-10 mm long, 2-3 mm thickness
16" temporary string 
Price:  $116.95 per strand

Castle Dome Turquoise
Castle Dome Turquoise

Item# CD1011
Light Blue Castle Dome
Turquoise Flat Nuggets

Approx. 8-12 mm longwise, 
3-5 mm thickness 

16" temporary string
Price: $112.95 per strand


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