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Your trusted source for turquoise for over 20 Years    Why our turquoise is different...
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Why our Turquoise is different ...  
a difference you can feel. 


Our turquoise is not dyed Howlite or inexpensive turquoise made to look like valuable real American turquoise. We sell real American and Mexican turquoise. Our turquoise is incomparable to anything else you will find on the Internet today and is natural color, never dyed or enhanced. We certify that in writing to you. Because we process our own turquoise and know what happens to it from the mine to you, we can certify the authenticity, quality and color of our beads. And, we offer a "no risk" buying guarantee. If you are not happy with your beads, we will buy them back from you. 

My bead supply company has been on the Internet since 1995. I've been here for so long because our customers come back knowing we care, and I personally care about them. I care about you! I’m not a big corporation where every time you call you get somebody different or somebody who doesn’t care or know about turquoise. 

I take a personal interest in each and every one of my customers. Why do I? Because every piece you, the designer, creates is a personal creation of importance to your buyer … whether they are buying as a gift or for their own personal adornment ... and a true testament of turquoise as an investment that they will keep forever.  

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If you're not happy 
with your beads,  we'll buy them back from you! Guaranteed


We have a "no questions asked" policy. You may return your item(s) within 14 days of your delivery date. Read more about our return and exchange policy here

Return Policy

How Many Beads On A Strand?
Use the chart below as a guide.

*Chart based on round beads. Some nugget style beads (depending on size) and some graduated beads will have more or less beads per strand. Beads per strand are approximate.
CLICK HERE for a free printable copy.

Actual Size


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FEEDBACK from our Customers...

I wanted to let you know that I received my turquoise order and it is absolutely stunning.
Thanks very much. ~Kathy, Australia 

Lin thank you. I have been very pleased with my purchases and love your incredible turquoise. I have sold a couple of pieces I designed with some castle dome and Kingman. ~Maggie B.

The beads were delivered today and they are just STUNNING.. Thank you so much. ~Christin, Switzerland

So I just received the first order of beads from your store. These are the most beautiful beads I have ever ordered. I order a lot of beads for specific projects and custom orders. I will be shopping with your store first for all the beading needs that I have.  ~David S., CA

Thank you, Lin. Your turquoise is an inspiration. I had a show last Saturday and sold three necklaces from your stock. warm regards,  ~Marilyn

Just wanted you to know I scoured the internet for hours looking for the best turquoise beads for a very special necklace I want to make. There’s a lot a crap out there (and I’m very picky, having worn a turquoise ring all my life). I just received the 6 mm Nacozari beads and they are perfect. Thanks for being a great vendor! ~Sam

This is likely the latest thank you note ever, unless you count the numerous kind thoughts I tucked away in my brain.  Just before the holidays you (personally!) helped me place an order toward the end of your sale. You were so gracious about my screwed up order and double payment.  I just received The Turquoise Chick email and am trying to envision what I'd like to design.  I'm not one who can build a cache of beads so you can imagine my deliberate selection process!  I think your customer-centric business, enthusiastic first person descriptions of product and focus on quality must lend a lovely aura to works made with your stones. Thank you,  Joan G.  
P.S.  Even though I messed up my order, you included the little gift mentioned in the ad.  The cones are so pretty.  And the papered box with its adorable ribbon and bow was a generous and admired reminder of the quality of, and attention to, your work.

Hi Lin!  I keep coming back for that beautiful turquoise when I can. Yours is the best and your prices are the least crazy. But it doesn't take a psychologist to figure that out. ;-)  ~ Merry, Ph.D. - Calif.

What lovely beads! Thank you so much for your excellent service and high quality merchandise. I am more than pleased! ~ Cheryl, WI

Hi Lin, I recently placed an order with you for the small Keishi pearls and the Apatite splinter beads. I could not be more pleased!  The pearls are so pretty and look awesome with the magnificent blue color of the Apatite stones. I have never been disappointed with your products or service, and I look forward to creating more jewelry with your items! Thanks a million! ~ Athena , OH

Just a note to tell you I received my package today and am so pleased with not only the remarkable service but the stones are beautiful. Thank you very much.. you're on my Favorites list! ~ Deborah L., APO

I saw that you sent the parcel without waiting for the payment, I don't know if that was on purpose or not but I am honored by your trust ! Thank you again for helping me with these purchases and enabling me to enjoy your 12 days sale and combine shipping :) I love turquoises, I am not a seller myself and only use the stones for my personal jewelry that I make for myself, my friends and family; but so many so called turquoise on the market are actually dyed howlite.... it is difficult to source quality turquoise, especially here in France. Many sellers I meet here in gemshops are selling dyed howlite and they don't even know themselves that it is not turquoise ! so I am so glad you have this website, because I know that everything you sell is outstanding quality.
In my opinion you are the best and most trusted seller on the web ! Keep up !  
Caroline R. ~ France

Parcel arrived today Thank-you Lin. Absolutely Beautiful, the colour of the Turquoise is Stunning, I love them.  And a very big Thank-you for the lovely Gift.  Have a Great Day. Regards ~  Jenny, Australia 

I've received the package today!!!!!! Waowwwwwwww, they are fabulous! Really thank you! I'm so happy! Have a good day! ~ Anne-Marie, Switzerland 

Received the turquoise and it is stunningly beautiful. Many thanks. ~ Dona, Australia  

Thank you! The beautiful beads have arrived safely and I am most happy with my purchase :) just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you! ~ Kellie, Australia 

Hi Lin, I've been trying to figure out how to leave some "feedback" to let you know that I received  the turquoise beads that I ordered from you and am VERY pleased!  SO, beautiful!!  I don't do Facebook so I didn't know how else to reach you. I just did notice that you've included your email address on the packing slip... so now I can say "Thank You"! ~ Sonja, WV

Just wanted to say I love the turquoise. I was very nervous paying so much money for something unseen on the opposite side of the world, and then the little hiccup with the post didn't help…but it was worth it! I've just made a beautiful necklace with the beads, combined with sterling silver and it just feels magnificent to wear it. Thanks again and I will definitely make another purchase soon. Kind regards. ~ Julie , Australia  

I just received my first order from you and I am thrilled, I love everything but my favorite is the Sleeping Beauty turquoise, wow, it spoke to me, I think I might have to create something for myself with it. I can't wait to order more. Thank you so much.
Kind regards. ~ Beau 

Received the beads yesterday late afternoon, and they are really beautiful. Can't wait to get started creating a special combination and unique look with them. Thanks so much for your continuing quality
that you offer all us Turquoise lovers! Warmest Wishes ~ Dona, GA

I received my parcel, and I absolutely love the Castle Dome nuggets. Whaow, this blue, it is like small pieces of blue sky fallen on earth ! Thank you very much for this fast shipping and for your general friendliness. I just posted a note on your Facebook page to say how much I appreciate your products and customer service. Thank you again!  ~ Caroline, France

Thank you for giving such great information on your site. I can buy with confidence knowing that I'm getting authentic turquoise, my favorite stone. ~ Cindi H. 

I received my order today and I have to say I was amazed at how pretty the different types of turquoise are. I usually buy from (removed) gems and beads, and their sleeping beauty turquoise is pricey, and I have never seen the green type before, which I really like immensely. You have a very satisfied customer now who will only buy her turquoise from you in the future. thanks again.
~ Cindi Sue, TN

Just couldn't help myself, saw the amazing castle dome & just had to jump in with another order. l think these will sell quickly. Don't know how l missed them before. l have also ordered another of the same Sleeping Beauty SBLS as it is just SO STUNNING, l will make one long fabulous necklace out of the 2 of them. Lin. Love your turquoise, its all stunning. Thanks
~ Cheryl, Australia

Just wanted to tell you how much I like the BLUE Campo Frio turquoise! Received the strand yesterday & it's really gorgeous! So nice to find turquoise that looks blue on the computer screen and actually IS blue when you see it in person! Beautiful stones!  
~ Karen, NH 

The turquoise that you carry is the most beautiful turquoise that I have ever seen. The quality is exceptional...the color is stunning! The turquoise is even more beautiful in person, than the images posted on the site (and the images are beautiful) every time I receive an order my jaw literally drops open. The customer service is like no other... helpful, knowledgeable and courteous!
~ Sharon, CA 

I received my order of turquoise, silver & Heishi today, and am extremely pleased with your products and service! The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is just gorgeous. I also appreciate the personal touches… 
~ Rick, NY  


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American Mined Turquoise Beads,
Jewelry Beads, Heishi and More!

Our Turquoise Is Never Dyed,
Full Documentation Provided
 — Quality GUARANTEED!


All beads are on temporary string or wire.

All sizes are approximate.

Here are some of our most popular styles!

Campo Frio Turquoise

 Several Styles Available
SeeMore Like This>>> 

Caballo Turquoise

 Blues and Golds
See More Like This>>>

Sleeping Beauty 

Several Styles Available
See More Like This>>>

Campo Frio

 Top-Drilled Teardrops
See More Like This>>>

Nacozari Rounds

Natural Color - available in other styles too!
See More Like This>>>

Kingman Turquoise

 Available in Blue and Green
See More Like This>>>

Campo Frio Rondelles

See More Like This>>>

Turquoise Heishi

 Available in Several Different Styles!
See More Like This>>>

Sleeping Beauty Flats

Flats and Nuggets
See More Like This>>>

 Castle Dome Turquoise

Blue/Green Nugget Beads
See More Like This>>>

Marble and Bronze

 White Marble with Bronze
See More Like This>>>

Shell Heishi

Lots of Choices!
See More Like This>>>




 Natural Jet
 Several styles available.
See More Like This>>>

Sterling Silver

Necklace Cones and Beads
See More Like This>>>


Coral Round Beads
See More Like This>>>

Rough Turquoise Beads by the pound
Stabilized. Not drilled. No Dyes, Ever. Perfect for
Inlay Work! 

Sold in 1/2-pound and 1/4-pound packages.
(1/2 pound =
approx. 1/2 cup)

Rough Mexican Chip Beads - sold by the pound
Item# MTW | 3-5mm
Mexican Turquoise
$115 for one
1/2-lb package

Temporarily Out of Stock

Rough Sleeping Beauty Chip Beads - sold by the pound
Item# SBTW | 2-4mm
Sleeping Beauty

1/2-lb package  $145.00

1/4-lb package  $74.00

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"Experience the Timeless Beauty of Turquoise"

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All of our turquoise beads are natural color

A Certificate of Authenticity Provided With Each Turquoise Purchase 

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Our bead supply company has been on the Internet since 1995 
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